What to expect

We start the workshop at 9:30, where you will be welcomed into my lovely home with tea, coffee or a smoothie. There is time to get to know each other and feel comfortable.

We will discuss your intention for the workshop. There is time to talk about your expectations and preferences, while enjoying some fruit. I will give you a booklet to make personal notes, about your discoveries during the day, so you can reflect on them at a later stage.

Around this time, we will start painting. First you will have the choice out of different canvas dimensions, depending on your intention. Corresponding to this intention, you will select the colours that resonate with you. You started the process of discovery!

I will be there to give guidance in this process. While taking some breaks to reflect on the process, you can enjoy some nuts, fruit and all sorts of beverages. There will be a wide variety of colours of acrylic paint, which you can choose from at any time. All the materials you need, such as brushes and spatulas, will be available to you.

There will be a rich and nutritious vegan lunch, with lots of tasty and colourful choices. It’s healthy to relax for a moment and enjoy the process.

After lunch, the foundation of your intention is dry and captured on the canvas. Now is the time for refinement and detail. This is an important step towards clarifying your thoughts and feelings. Chocolate will be there to celebrate these moments. Depending on the level of refinement, we can spend some more time on this.

Now is the time to reflect on the intended creation.

At around 16:30 when it feels uitgevogeldt, we say goodbye, at least for now. The paint will not be dry at the end of the day, so on one of the following days you are welcome to collect your unique creation.