My love to you. Thank you for being here and enjoy reading, listening and watching my story about Gaia. I am life, always transforming, in motion, a continuous process of refinement, so feel free.

Let ‘s remember Gaia, the great mother of Creation, mother Earth, our home. We can embrace this creative energy and be grateful for all that she is giving. Let’s all become more aware of our connection to her, a game of intention and reflection. Together we can create an inspiring world and celebrate, mastering the power within and be in balance with Gaia. Let ‘s rise up and embrace our intuitive wisdom.


Dragons bring healing and unite us all.

Dragons are spiritual light workers to protect Gaia and come in various forms and colours. They are deeply connected with the Earth and bring balance and harmony. This dragon energy is a loving and transforming energy, to bring you in contact with your true self. Dragons break through barriers, with fiery passion, to open your connection with Gaia. When you welcome this dragon energy, it will open your heart to receive. A powerful strength will be experienced to love, to play and to create.



Zero, nothing, the egg, I, the unhatched potential.

Zero is nothing, but what is it? We can’t perceive nothing or can we? The moment we try to imagine nothing, an idea, a concept has been created. We brought zero – I – potential energy into existence, life – I am – energy in motion. It is up to you what you want to imagine and bring in motion. You have the freedom to choose, you are free energy. We are here to remind each other of that choice, life itself. We are all cosmic eggs with the desire to become the cosmos. So let’s imagine zero, nothing and create everything, oneness.


The Jungle

The Universe is an ongoing masterpiece,
unravelling its reality in an endless diversity of nature.

Life can be experienced as a jungle of change. This can be overwhelming when experienced as segregated moments or unrelated stories. Without the connection, chaos emerges and feelings of being lost will ambush your life. Even though our lives seem different and unrelated, we are connected in beauty and unity through our Universal Story. A Divinity of Awareness of the Cosmos, the Jungle itself.



Become conscious of the will.

Everything is created from within and together we push it outwards, a co-creational reality, a separate outer world. There is an intrinsic will and it ‘s unique to all. Visualisation, life itself, is a discovery of the will. Emotions will unravel, we become conscious. Creation is intrinsic, centred in the belly, the core of our being. Living from within the centre, is living the will.

The Womb

The womb is the home for new life, beautiful and warm,
with a complete liberty for human creation.

Love is the source that feeds the process of growing. Trust that there is a plan, because all life has a purpose. It creates itself with perfect precision and elegance. In moments of fear, love is pushed away and doubt will interfere with this higher plan of creation. When you love and enjoy, creation will find its way.

Remember, in the beginning, before the creation, before all matter came into existence, there was nothing but the great void. All life, all creations, began in this darkness of nothingness, inside the dark magical womb. So, let your spirit move over the surface of the deep dark waters and trust it will be good.


Seeds of Creation

All new thoughts are seeds, when nurtured with attention they will grow.

Every seed has the potential to develop and manifest itself. Once a seed is planted, it waits underneath the surface to awaken when the time is right. The intentions that it carries, will turn into a forest of spirits that can haunt or bless us. So, let ‘s be aware what we give others and ourselves, because it grows in all.


Forest of the Wise

Creation is magic.

Life can be experienced as a magical world, where we are creative and magical beings. We express the magic, in thoughts, words and actions, with underlying feelings. It all needs to be in alignment with each other to create it. Walking in this magical forest is powerful. You can go as deep as you want and you will get lost, that ‘s all ok. Just remember, it ‘s all a spell, a projection, an illusion that the ego clings to, a way to understand itself. When you become aware of this, you can always change the story and create another dream.

Living Dream

Be, who you want to be.

The imagination is the source of creation with infinite possibilities, able to shape your life like a dream. If you want to create a different life, just imagine being there and bring those feelings to the present. Do not worry about how to get there. Trust life, the foundation of everything and the nature of reality itself. Focus on the dream with every choice, so you will grow into and live your dream.



Embrace yourself as the creator of infinite and expanding awareness.

Spiders can create the illusion of being stuck in a web of fixed destiny, instead of seeing in the darkness the beauty of all possibilities. The spider is the weaver of life, ingenious and intelligent, creating inter-related patterns endlessly.



Listen to your inner voice.

When you are drifting off, not knowing exactly where you are going, find the strength to feel. It is brave to allow yourself to feel the painful emotions inside, to release them and to heal yourself. It is a sign of self-love to go through this process of healing to eventually free your spirit.



We all are infinite beings, rich and radiant, so release your light.

Allow yourself to live in richness in all areas of your life, in relationships with others and with yourself. Choose wisely and play with the limitations of life. As an infinite being there are no limitations, except the ones you have created for yourself.



Mother Earth is showing us so clearly that we need to respect our home.

The way we interact with mother Earth, Gaia, our home, shows us, we, as a collective, do not understand what we are doing here on this planet. At the moment, the world is in conflict with the duality reality. While instead, we can find peace in the unity reality. Apparently, we feel disconnected with our true nature, true love, where duality is integrated in unity. We have a feminine and masculine energy, which unites us as human beings.



To remember, consciousness is questioning the subconscious waves of the unconscious ocean.

In life, we sometimes forget who we are, what we are doing and where we come from. Focus is in the moment, an experience, creating consciousness. The focus from the past, will continue in a wave. All the waves together will interact, creating the ripples of life, the subconscious. This means, every moment of focus shapes your life. All the answers we seek can be found in the unconscious, the Divine consciousness. Keep on questioning. It all comes in waves.



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