The Triple Goddess within All

We live life according to the Triple Goddess. The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. Birth, life and death. It’s the wild, feminine energy on Gaia, lifecycles of rebirths, within all of us. To go through these cycles, we have to go inward, especially in difficult times, into our own shadows, to go back to the beginning, back through death, to bring meaning to it and let it be reborn in a healthy way. We can suppress this process, life itself, but it will only make us sick. Let’s illuminate our culture and do the inner work, to embrace and integrate self, so we can be present and live fully, to be everything, the cosmos. Let’s do some shadow work together and bring it to the moonlight. If you feel triggered within yourself while reading (part of the expression of the art), just know, all is good in essence, so let’s heal together. My love to our magic within.

The Maiden

Life starts with innocence, sweetness, coming into her own energy.
This feminine, wild energy wants to be loved and to be accepted.

Wicked evil energy is so obsessed with the maiden energy, the sacred prostitute, not knowing her rights yet. Exploiting and sacrificing the maiden to get power on a spiritual level, for money and an illusionary control over the feminine energy, life energy. Destroying her before she even has a chance to explore her own energy, to come into her full body, mind and wisdom. Pornography is one of the big gateways for killing the relation with the Divine. If you’re aware of it or not, it desensitises and creates deceptions which make people sick. When sex becomes unhealthy, it will create more sickness.

Sex is in essence sacred, life energy in motion, the magic itself, bringing beautiful creations, children, music and art. When the maiden is brought into the darkness through sex, while she is still coming into her own womanhood, her innocence is taken, her magic. We even blame it on her, even though we teach the maiden that all anyone wants from her is sex and to obey authority. So, we teach her not to be sexual, to suppress her creative energy, our true nature. We teach the young not to be their true self, not being enough, destroying their self-love.

We are killing the feminine, wild energy, the Goddess Gaia. Women feel it and the feminine side of men feels it too. This is what is happening to the feminine energy in our culture as a whole. We have to protect the young energies and guide well. We have to become aware of the Triple Goddess, our life cycle, to heal our world.


The Mother

The Mother, the brightest light in the night sky, the cycles of our emotional nature.
Our love, our sexuality, our fertility, the reason why we live and our purpose here on Gaia.

Time defines the feminine energy, it holds us. Without time, we do not exist in this physical world. Wicked evil energy knows this and abuses time to get power. They let the maiden feel afraid to get older, so she doesn’t tap into her sexual, fertile and creative moon years, which hold the Gaia codes, the wisdom, the embodiment of the woman. A distortion of desiring a maiden, younger and younger, with less of a body and especially with less power and knowledge, is penetrated into our culture. Creating a world where we need to suppress our emotions. We even learn that they are wrong, which disempowers us immensely. We are taught not to rely on our instincts. This makes us emotionally unbalanced. We are traumatised that we’re not enough. So, we need a partner to put us back in balance, but how is this possible if we all learn to be ‘a man’ with suppressed feminine energy. It’s no wonder why the world is out of balance.

Let’s acknowledge that the woman is the embodiment of the cycles of our emotional and spiritual nature, the deep creator. She feels through her body. She wants a deep connection to another person, a healthy energetic exchange, sexual intimacy with someone who loves her. She wants to be penetrated, heard and seen, the affection and the glory, that all life wants. It’s in our nature to reproduce and plant the roots of humanity, but we don’t respect and treat Mother Earth right.

We are killing the woman step by step and it’s reflected and symbolised in the name. So, we marry her and change her maiden name into the husband’s name. We expect from her to give him children, so his name can be carried on. When she becomes a mother, we forget about her and breathe all the light into her children. When she doesn’t become a mother, why would we even care about her at all, she isn’t adding anything to society. Being judged when we choose not to have children and hurt when we do, is related to the patriarchal structure we are still living in today. We are exploiting Gaia on so many levels and we are shushed to open up.

In the beginning, before creation, there was nothing but the great conscious void of nothingness. She was the darkness, immortal, the beginning, before all matter came into existence. The woman is implied, but we lost her out of sight in many of our stories. Those with feminine instincts, man or woman, know how to live even in the darkest of circumstances and they hold the faith, knowing that one day, all will be remembered, where all creation began, inside the dark magical womb.

The wise will give you the most through their bodies, their words, their consciousness. This is in essence what all feminine energy aspires to be, everything, the Divine Knowledge, knowing self, self-love, being authentic. We start to lose it when we grow into ourselves and we listen to dominant masculine energy, the rules. Why do we not trust ourselves?

If we acknowledge that the divine feminine let the divine masculine work through her and Together they Created, we can be in harmony, but the masculine energy is growing so self-aware and so proud of himself for what he created in this feminine world, that he forgets about her, the beginning. He shines his light on himself, creating narcissism, the ego. He never looked back to thank her and over time she became lost, evil. An abusive energy, mother comes into play.

Gaia is alive and conscious, so let’s treat her with more respect. We are draining her emotionally, spiritually, energetically, in which she can’t create and invent from within herself anymore. So, women who listen to their instincts, closely connected to the Earth, understand that the world became so uninhabitable. They will choose immortality over reproduction. Gaia understands this too and she starts to cancel reproduction. We are disempowering ourselves and we are losing our time here with Gaia, our connection.

Let’s rise up as women, as mothers, as the moon and embrace ourselves. Let’s be the light in the darkness for every single person, man or woman. Let’s create again and express our emotions, because this is what life is, energy in motion. We need to nurture ourselves, by sharing our life, using our whole body. We don’t need to resent and envy our children. Let go of the fears and replace it with a new lease on life. Get to know what is deep down inside of you. Learn to love the way you are in every stage of life, by loving your body. Understand that we are whole. We do not need anybody. Only the one and only, our body. We are related to each other, if you feel it or not, so why not enjoy and love it. This is true freedom, being in touch with the roots of Gaia.

The Moon doesn’t need the Sun to shine on her, to still be present. Just because the Sun stops shining on women and mothers, doesn’t mean they can’t be heard and seen through their labours and creations.


The Crone

The Crone is finally rising with her dark energy, her wisdom,
in acceptance of her cyclic nature of rebirths,
to heal with ancient knowledge.

The crone is in the collective unconsciousness, that embodies instinctive ways of channelling wisdom, inner knowing and intuition, guiding us through the transition of the cyclic nature of life. Birth, life and death, lifecycles of rebirths. When we resonate with the crone energy, we tap into the psychic-spiritual nature, to receive the power within, that honours life. Be your authentic self, go inward and trust your inner feminine way of knowing, with the purpose to illuminate our culture, to be in connection and balance with Gaia.

Nature is the dominant player in our existence and death is part of our cyclic nature, part of the crone. A culture that doesn’t accept death as a part of life, values youth and appearance over the truth, is creating sickness and evil, which will result in a culture obsessed with veiling the truth and their created evil. Trying to run away, to fly higher and higher, to escape the crone, is not going to bring us any harmony. We’re cutting off our roots and destroying our legacy of life.

In our maiden and motherhood time, we gather experiences and knowledge. In our crone time, we’re embodying our wisdom. We go into our shadow, into our darkness and pull out everything, to see the damage that was done in the dark. All the evil men and women, doing evil deeds inside the energy of the crone, will be reflected. It’s an illusion to have crone energy before you’ve actually done the work. Trying to guide as much as trying to just live it out, they are the authentic crones.

When the crone is alive, you can no longer kill the world the way you’ve been doing it. Her wisdom of what she has seen in the darkness, her life on Earth, is what makes her beautiful and also scary. We are afraid of her, because she is the queen of darkness, the witch. She will reflect all the awful things we’ve thought and done. Especially the deepest, most suppressed shadows in our bodies will be reflected by her and show us how evil they can be. You can’t do shadow work without her. She sees you, before you see yourself. You’re not afraid of the crone, but afraid of your own shadow, afraid of who you are. This is why we want her dead. We don’t know the magic that she holds, the spirit that lives through her. We can’t trust her, because she will reveal our evilness, sickness and kill it. It’s what she does, she is the queen of death. She transforms the evil, ones created, pushing us to go inward in difficult times and brings meaning to the shadow side, to let it be reborn, healthy.

When you let your shadows be and you don’t bring them to the moonlight, no one will ever see, but they create dark matter and it’s killing the world. Talking to a woman who’s come into her crone years, who lived and is wise, would end world hunger, bring world peace and give men and women equal rights. She would clear out all of the dark matter with her body, with her soul and with her eyes.

So, there was a long line of burning witches, burning the crone, if that’s not the physical representation of what we’re doing now on a less physical plane, than I don’t know what is. Corona, kill the crone and keep on doing evil in the dark, but the crone is rising, you should feel it now. She made herself heard, she made herself known and when it’s time, the divine masculinity will become healthy again and show the world that it was her from the beginning that he always loves.

The crone guides the young maiden, how to come into her sexuality in a peaceful loving way, in a way that honours her growth. She shows the mother how to trust her instincts. You know how to take care of your body, because the wisdom is already inside of you.

The only way the divine masculinity is actually going to live up to its name and become healthy again, is when the masculine energy starts treating the feminine energy of life with more respect. When you have done your shadow work, you have nothing to be afraid of. The man who understands this and has done his shadow work, knows that the service that he brings to the woman gives him so much more in return. She would nurture, because it’s only the moon that will reflect the sun in a beautiful way, to bring forth the light at night. It’s only the woman, the crone, who can do this.

Let’s acknowledge that we live life according to the Triple Goddess, the sacred, wild, feminine energy here on Gaia, within all of us. Let’s go inward together, embrace our wisdom and rise up, to reflect what needs to be reflected and to heal in a holistic way.

Let’s remember the craft that we’ve had in our bodies for all that time. When we grow up, we become who we were always meant to be. We go back to the beginning, back through death, transforming into what we have always desired to know – Everything.



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