Live Gallery

Welcome my love, to my first Live Gallery, with a strong desire to create many more in the world, to experience the Uitgevogeldt vibrations with all, in real life, my magic and love for the world, to connect and celebrate together.

The Live Gallery gives the opportunity to experience my storytelling art in an harmonious environment, uniquely designed, like we all are, inspired by nature, to flow together and to feel welcome. Hopefully growing a love for the Uitgevogeldt vibrations, my hope for a new way and somehow a remembrance of an old way, ever present, Gaia’s Universal Love for humanity and all life.

Come at peace, find inspiration and feel welcome to enjoy a refreshing drink and a delightful treat. Read, listen, talk and sing your song at the Uitgevogeldt Gallery. Let’s create concerts together, like the birds do.
Prinsestraat 116
2513 CH, The Hague
The Netherlands
+31 (0)70 412 9760
Opening Hours
Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: 10.00 – 16.00
10.00 – 16.00
10.00 – 16.00
10.00 – 16.00

Food and Drinks

Let’s feel the love inside! Let’s create an appetite for colours and bring more flavours into the conversation. Experience the magic yourself. The choices are all home-made, vegan and gluten-free, carefully chosen to be nutritious and delicious. All to inspire and to feel good.

Just remember, our highest form of nutrition is in our expression.
The full menu is available here.


Our songs are unique to all, so listen to your inner voice and sing your heart out. Let’s create concerts together, to listen to and to collaborate with, to become one ongoing masterpiece, unravelling its reality in an endless diversity of nature. Let’s bring the most beautiful melodies into this world together.

Concerts take place on Saturdays between 14.00 and 15.00

Musical Surprise

Surprise yourself, with all kinds of musicians, to be invited to play your own music in harmony with the Uitgevogeldt vibrations.

Aleksandra Popovska

Aleksandra Popovska is a vocalist, composer, and pianist with a beautiful melodic mezzo-soprano. Elegantly connecting traditional Macedonian music with contemporary elements, she is able to invite you on a journey through an inspiring soundscape reminiscent of a dream.

Miguel & Friends

Saxophonist Miguel Sucasas is accompanied by his musical friends to bring swinging jazz tunes to you. Miguel is a talented musician, composer and pedagogue delighting in bringing a warm atmosphere to the stage, and will inspire you to dance with his unique playing style and charm.

Transformation of the Gallery

It’s a challenge to bring your vision into existence, especially when people first want to see it, before believing it, while it all starts in the darkness, the inner-eye. I just want to share, let’s remember, in the beginning, before all matter came into existence, there was nothing. All life, all creations, began in this darkness of nothingness, inside the dark magical womb. So, let our spirit move over the surface of the deep dark waters and trust it will be good. To see the transformation of the gallery, my firstborn, see the video below.