True Harmonic Love

Let’s interact with Gaia, in a healthy way. We are one living and loving organism in our true sense. Let’s reveal the true nature of life with Uitgevogeldt Together, a natural way of being, a natural philosophy, through reasoning, channelling, experience and observation, to bring happiness to all. It’s happening, life. Feel what resonates with you and be the conscious writer of your own story.

Love from the Ocean

We are one ocean, you and me, a co-creational Universe.

I am, created out of the ocean, unconscious. Water has memory, we are water, so let’s remember. The ocean is alive. We are the ocean. Reality, as we perceive it, is a reflection. The ocean is reflecting, we need to clean up. I see through your eyes. I hear through your ears. Your emotions are my emotions. I am sensitive like you. Let’s do it together. Let’s flood it with love.


Love from Nature

Nature wants to live, to love, to be happy, to be well.

Our natural state is to be healthy. This is the true love nature gives us. Trust nature, to receive this gift. In moments of an unhealthy state of being, nature is giving us a message. Be willing to receive this message without preconceptions. Remember, to give and to receive, it’s the wish for wellbeing.


Love from the Self

The love you give.

To experience, we created the other. You and me. The illusion of an inner and outer world. We all project and reflect, consciously and unconsciously. We project our inner-self on the outer-self, the mirror of life. All your projected intentions, will reflect. Become aware of this practice of intention and reflection, the practice of life. Our true nature is to give and to receive, united in true love, where duality, you and me, is integrated in unity, I.

When we mistrust our true nature, we create an unnatural duality of love and fear with taking and rejection, resulting in dis-ease. In the context of surviving, we still have the choice. To survive in love, you stay conscious of yourself and the other. To survive in fear you forget about the other, yourself.



Compassion will set you free.

The Universe vibrates. We all vibrate information. Information is given and received in feelings and thoughts. Depending on your preference, you can resonate with others in thoughts (rational) or feelings (empathy). Resonating with others in thoughts and feelings is compassion. Only from a state of compassion, true forgiveness and true love is possible.



Trust your feelings.

I am. Unconscious. Life starts with unconscious trust. We have a feeling and with experience it becomes a belief system. This is very subjective, but it creates your reality. We also experience a universal trust, as the objective observer. This becomes stronger with understanding. Unconsciously, you understand everything. All the answers are already inside of you. Feelings make you aware. Trust is something you give. Trust people with the same interest. They will reflect the same feelings and confidence. Reality is in your own hands. I know I am. Conscious.



Dream big and experience joy in the smallest of things.

Joy is our compass on the journey of life. Joy is a unique feeling and it tells you which way to go. It is the art of life to find true joy, purpose and meaning. Give joy the space and time it needs, create moments to celebrate and to be aware. Be present. Giving and receiving, is true joy.


You will feel when it’s in harmony. It will be a dance of energies.

Harmony is something we all seek in life, with ourselves and our environment. The will is our guide to find harmony in this co-creational Universe. There is a time and a place for every will. A challenge when there are preconceptions, but natural when there is compassion. When everyone follows their own will and respects the will of others, the world will be in harmony.



Dreams come true, in love and harmony. Vibrating in spacetime.

What is a dream and what is reality? Is there a difference and what is true? It’s all a matter of language. It’s our choice, if we want to wake-up and start dreaming again. Dreams tell a story and be naturally mindful of them. They bring a universal connection and deepen our understanding. They communicate in our true nature, a creative energy. Dreams and reality will blend in and become one, the moment we breathe our true nature, true love, a balance of giving and receiving, where duality is integrated in unity, harmony.




Be open.
Give your trust.

When there is interest, the fire inside will light up. The wind will blow in a direction. Receive from the waters. Be brave and let inspiration flow through you. Surrender all and ground.


Golden Ratio

My relationship with the Divine.

We are the cosmos, inspired and created, in relationship with the Divine in all. Have no preconceptions about the ratio, it cannot be re-created, it will always be unique in its expression. Experience this relationship in free will, the ratio of perfect harmony.



Perfection is being you.

We all seek perfection in life, even when we reject it on a conscious level, we all want to express our true self. Perfection gives a feeling of joy and satisfaction, when it resonates with the free will. When there is no freedom and there are predefined concepts about what perfection should be, suffering and an unnatural perfection will be experienced. The moment perfection is a freedom, we talk about inspiration, the golden ratio, the relationship with the Divine, true harmonic love.

Love Bubble

We are one gigantic love bubble with all and beyond, to play in and to create others within it.

Let’s create more love in the world. Be connected. Fill yourself with inspiration and you will inspire others. Remember and feel compassion for each other. Dream the impossible and let it be created. The potential energy in everyone is infinite, the moment we tap into this love bubble, a consciousness of true love, we can create anything. Vibrate it.


The Natural Cycle of Gaia

Let’s Love, Play and Create Together. The Happiness of Life.

Gaia, mother Earth, true love from nature, is here for us to remember who we are and why we are here. We are the guardians of Gaia and we are here for each other. We go through cycles of growth, universal truth will be revealed to all of us, the discovery of life itself and beyond. Be in peace with it and find true harmonic love. We can do this together.

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