Natural Time of Gaia

Let’s love the natural rhythm of the Moon.
Let’s play music, the song of mother Earth.
Let’s create awareness of our manifestations.

Music of the 13 Moons

Synchronicity is the magic itself.

We express our unique creative energy through different art forms. All art forms are an expression of the heart. Music is all about synchronicity, cycles coming together in time, the heart. We can all hear the Divine perfection, what defines us is the choice whether we listen. When we all resonate in our true vibration, we create a piece of music together in harmony.

In the time that our Earth orbits the Sun once, the Moon orbits the Earth exactly 13 times. Every Moon month has a cycle of 28 days, a cycle seen in nature everywhere, the feminine energy cycle. This is the natural time of Mother Earth, Gaia. Perfectly in harmony.

The 13 Moon Calendar is known with 13 months of 28 days, together 364 days. There is one celebration day on the 25th of July, where we honour to be creative creatures on this planet Earth, a zero day, a day between the old year and the new. This gift of a zero day, makes it a solar year of 365 days. All natives like the ancient Egyptians, Mayas, Incas, Aztecs, Celts, Indians and more, know this calendar. It’s still used by the Polynesian people.

The brightest star in the sky, observed from our Earth, is the star Sirius. This star Sirius and our Sun are the only heavenly bodies, that conjunct each year on July 26th. Visible to everyone, this is the only universal guideline for the beginning of our solar year. We can observe the star Sirius at sunrise on the horizon, exactly where the sun rises 4 minutes later. That’s because these two stars travel together through the Milky Way in a shape that resembles a DNA spiral.

The Maya’s for example were not concerned with measurements of space. Contrary to regular astrology, they did not focus on when and where a planet was in space, but were measuring synchronicity. They looked at how and when cycles in cycles synchronised in time.

The 13 Moons have their own character, their own frequency, the 13 tones of creation, literally comparable to the 13 notes of a Chromatic Scale: C (low) – C# – D – D# – E – F – F# – G – G# – A – A# – B – C (high).

Tone 13 is magical, because it gives all 12 tones of creation back to the Cosmos, also called the Cosmic tone. In a circle, from C low to C high, the C would be in the same place, but the C high would be one dimension higher. When the Chromatic Scale continues, the C high becomes the new C low of the next circle. The 13th tone elevates the whole, the collective, to a higher level, from a circle to a spiral. We go from a so-called repetitive cycle of the same circle over and over, to an endless continuous spiral shape, where you keep returning to a new C, a new step in awareness and growth in the Creation. A new moment, in which we can unfold our service to mother Earth and all creatures on this planet.


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