Fearful Sins Seen Through Compassion

Let’s understand the wellspring of human insanity, mental illness, combined with enormous compassion of spirit, to guide towards human sanity and wellness, to welcome each other, to be our true, vulnerable and wonderful self!

We are alive, combined with shared universal needs. We differ in how we satisfy these needs. Depending on our environment, in time and space, we all incarnate and develop different ways of life. We all know, when we do not express ourselves and suppress the will, life, nature, our children, each other and do not satisfy our needs in a healthy way, we get sick and create an unnatural way of living. We sometimes find it hard to address our needs, but we don’t have to be ashamed or punished by it. Let’s have an honest conversation.

Let’s start sharing our joys, fears and longings, without the shyness or reserve. Let’s connect, communicate and create a world filled with compassion. Let’s release ourselves and leave the suffering behind. In this way, we surrender to nature and come in a state of acceptance with self again. We are one living organism and we are all transforming together, so let’s talk about the seven fearful and deadly sins and see if we can rewrite their story towards love and compassion.


A feeling of deep pleasure and satisfaction, derived from one’s own achievements,
always in connection with one’s own environment.

Where does pride come from? In essence, it’s coming from the will, it’s in our nature, to grow. We are driven by our feelings, always in connection with our own environment, to work towards a feeling of deep pleasure. We want to satisfy our will and when we do, we are so full of ourselves. Would you share it with others? We tend to judge about it a lot.

We learned to be afraid to share our pride with others. It starts already when we are young, even though it’s a healthy way of being, to be full of love, yourself, knowing, to be conscious of your own dignity, to have self-respect, self-worth and a healthy self-esteem. It can appear as boasting or arrogance, but this is coming from not understanding what pride is in essence.

Boasting is only a response to a feeling of invisibility. The same with arrogance, so why not give these people the admiration and visibility they need and guide them towards a more genuine pride. At the same time, keep in mind you’re maybe misjudging, because of your own invisibility. In that case, give yourself instead the admiration you need. It all depends on our own truth, so let’s go within and have a look at our own intentions.

I envision a world where everyone is so full of themselves, where we are embodying nature again and share the beauty with pride and glory, where we all vibrate our truth, joy. Let’s see the world through the eyes of the children and be happy for each other. Let’s admire each other more and humility will come hand in hand.



A feeling of deep resentful longing, a pain at the sight of another’s good fortune,
attributes, qualities, achievements, possessions, advantages, luck or stature in life.

Where does envy come from? In essence, it’s coming from a deep feeling of separation, feeling disconnected and thinking we lack something. In our attempt to be whole, desiring to be connected and being it all, we rather wish that the other lacks it if we ‘fail’.

Envy is in other contexts fundamental to ambition and character, but if we do not know how to navigate these feelings of incompleteness and imperfection, a graceless way of envious attacks will be the result. How do we confront this idea?

We can use these feelings of envy, to work out our direction and purpose. We can shift these feelings of pain, into awareness of what is truly missing from our lives, to guide ourselves better. Growth will lead the way.

I envision a world where everyone is feeling complete, where we are embodying nature again and share the beauty of being different in a holistic reality. Let’s celebrate all our feelings and let them guide us in our lives. Let’s be happy for each other. A kind smile, word or gesture, can already be enough to change the world into a more graceful atmosphere to vibrate in.



A feeling of deep deprivation, resulting in continuously taking more and more,
as much and as quickly as possible, to fill a void out of fear of itself.

Before the creation, before all matter, before you and I came into existence, there was nothing, the great void. To be alive, we came into movement, into existence, giving meaning to this void of nothingness, bringing light into the darkness, the joy of life.

In essence, greed is coming from not knowing how to bring light into the darkness. We feel so neglected and vulnerable in life, our fear became so entrenched, a continuous state of survival is in play. We feel like our desires will never be satisfied. A bottomless pit, which only exhausts us in an endless effort to satisfy the need. We feel like we will never reach the enjoyment of life.

We feel threatened and deny ‘others’ from it, out of fear there wouldn’t be enough for everyone. And even though others may look at you as advantaged and privileged, inside we are in desperate need to fill in an infinite void. Not understanding what that void may be.

To be alive, we perceive in moments. It’s impossible to perceive everything at the same time, so from this perspective the need to possess and acquire more than we need will resolve. In this way, we can vibrate in a state of trust and satisfy our everchanging needs in the moment, giving meaning to the void in the moment, an infinite and continuous process of experiencing joy, life itself.

To see the potential meaning of the void and to see there is always more to give meaning to, is coming from a place of excitement for life, an entrenched feeling of love for life, but remember living and experiencing the love in the moment brings the satisfaction.

I envision a world where we can see in the darkness of nothingness, to shine our light in expression of self. Be interested. Try to understand and feel what it is you want to bring into the light. Let’s show compassion towards greed and give guidance to find trust in self. Let’s trust there is plenty for everyone.



A feeling of deep desire to have sex, the practice and expressive embodiment
of deep connection and acceptance of creation.

Creation is who we are, ever transforming and with a deep desire to create together. We express our creations in many forms and one of the oldest and most profound forms is sex. Creating with the essence of life, the epitome of our creations, our naked body, our true embodiment, a place with the opportunity to accept our self, fully.

Through this expression we transform, with the opportunity to destroy and create, harm and heal each other. When we sleep around in a desperate need to connect, not knowing how to navigate our creative energy inwards and keep on trying to find the answers outside of ourselves, we stay lonely and never truly satisfied.

The craving for all kinds of erotic expressions, is eventually a question, a request of confirmation, a need of acceptance of our so called messy, imperfect and complex self. Is it alright to be, in all its forms?

See the beauty within, already perfect by being, expressing free will, simple living in freedom, inspiration itself. Give yourself the connection and acceptance, the self-love, that we maybe miss in our environment, only found within. Let’s be clearer about what we genuinely need from sex, our creations. Let’s show some open affection.

I envision a world where we are sexually fulfilled and see what creation really is, so we can show compassion towards lust and give guidance towards trust in self. It’s in our nature wanting to be in connection with and in acceptance of it all. Let’s help each other to find and discover being, true self-love, so we can love, play and create together.



A feeling of deep anger, which involves violence.
A very suppressed feeling in society and not socially accepted.

We all experience anger in our lives, but it’s still an emotion that we do not understand entirely. We judge about it repeatedly, especially when the anger escalates from emotion to action. We make a distinction what is healthy and socially acceptable. What is it with wrath and society? How can we approach violence?

When we are angry, we are in deep pain, a wound on a spiritual plane. We are in a deep state of anxiety. We are terrified and we feel the need to fight for our lives, to survive, but will the anger help us?

Anger can be a reaction to all sort of emotions, manifested in both verbal and non-verbal ways. We say it can be constructive or destructive, but however you feel about it, it’s giving a signal, to take action, because something isn’t working. If you can’t address the problem, the anger will grow, resulting in rage, hostility, hatred, even revenge. Therefore, try to see and understand these feelings and let them guide you.

In society, we do not talk about wrath, we rather suppress it entirely, even though this will be the answer to solve it all. Let’s have more patience with ourselves and each other.

I envision a world where we can feel each other’s pain, so we can show compassion towards wrath. It’s in our nature, to express our feelings, to survive, to be healthy, also the ones we find appalling, we need them to guide us in our lives. Let’s breath compassion into our society, even towards the most horrifying roars of ours.



A feeling of deep fear for the unknown, doubting if it’s better not to act at all,
what results in a paralysed body, creating a prison for life energy.

When we see someone ‘not doing’, if that’s even possible, we as a culture seem to have all sorts of opinions about it. Before you know it, we define ourselves or others as lazy and prejudge harshly, instead of seeing what it is in essence.

We are energy in motion, always transforming to create new experiences, but we will never know exactly which emotions they will bring. Even though we can imagine a lot from previous experiences, it will always be a surprise how life unfolds. The not knowing is what scares us. So, in attempt to avoid pain, failure, humiliation or other discomfortable feelings, we think of reasons and all kinds of catastrophic scenarios, convincing ourselves, not to do the work. Insecure about life, ourselves, not trusting the work in essence, a never ending love story.

What’s behind our inaction is a mind that’s making it all way too difficult for us to start, a prison filled with dreams, trapped energies in our bodies, longing to flow through us and to be expressed, wanting to be in motion. Eventually the love for the expression and the fear of not living at all, will be stronger than the fear of doing something that maybe will be a ‘failure’.

We often seem to think we need to know everything before starting, not understanding how life works, unfolding, ever changing, always growing, step by step. The first step is to start and to trust the next steps will come on the way.

I envision a world where we support each other in realizing our dreams, give compassion towards laziness by truly understanding what someone is going through. It’s in our nature to go on adventures and to discover the world within and around us, so let us free our energies by celebrating the doing, instead of the success. Let’s accept all emotions as part of life, so we can play and create together our dream world.



A feeling of deep emotional starvation, resulting in consuming excessively,
until we start eating the ‘nutrition’ we really need, our self-love in our unique form.

We are life, energy in motion, a continuous process of exchange and transformation. We vibrate and navigate through life, by consuming our environment and being consumed. A conversation, an interaction, between the inner and outer world, always searching for balance, our nature.

When this relationship with our environment is out of balance, causing a real hunger for life, emotionally, we start consuming anything excessively in a desperate search for satisfaction, in the hope we find the nutrition we need. Nutrition comes in many forms, even though we often are blinded by actual food.

The solution isn’t to eat less and live with starvation, like society often tells us, but to understand the meaning of our hunger. Finding the source of it all, will be our salvation, at any time. Comfort foods will only create an illusion of filling in the void of our lives. Maybe in the moment there is a brief relief and maybe we need it, so let’s not judge about it, just be aware when it transforms into an addiction.

Sometimes, we lose our love vibrations and just need some help finding it. Our natural and healthy appetite, our search for new emotional connections, it’s part of living, our inner fire that transforms our energy. As long as we will live, we will search for the ideal environment to interact with, ever changing, so keep on moving and find what feels genuinely good. Ask for help if you need it and let’s find balance together.

I envision a world where we are emotional fulfilled and see what hunger really is, so we can show compassion towards gluttony and give guidance where needed. It’s in our nature to search for balance and to be healthy, so let’s help each other to find and discover the right nutrition. The world needs it, we all need it. Love from Gaia.


In the end, it’s all a play of intention and reflection, the mirror of life, guided by our own wisdom. Just remember, our highest form of nutrition is in our expression. I care and intend to vibrate compassion, my love to you.

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