My Inner Fire

We are alive. Still, we all forget sometimes what it means. It becomes normal, until a moment and you realise: Life is a miracle!

As a child, I knew very well what I loved to be doing. I loved interacting with the animals and plants, even the ones that were uncommon, I found them very interesting. I loved playing in the forest, playing games, by myself and with others. I loved company and to create something new everyday. Especially the joy of playing together was something I appreciated a lot. The learning and growing out of this, was just the consequences of this all. Perfecting my game, my skills, myself, was just a natural process. An inner drive and motivation, to love, to play and to create.

I had an incredible, loving and creative mum, who was willing to help me with anything, to accommodate it all. My dad was very supportive in all my dreams and just let me be. So, I really loved my parents deeply as a child.

An inner voice, my inner fire, life itself, was always guiding me. I knew very well what was the way for me, what was right and wrong. Until, other people ‘outside of me’ started to question that inner voice, I started doubting myself. Did I understand life? Was I judging too fast about it all? People in general, family, friends, teachers and strangers were telling me all sorts of things. Did I understand love, fear, intelligence, freedom, choice? I started to suppress my inner voice, the creative source of all, and I became more and more the projected version of my surroundings. It brought me in a grey world, with less and less colours.

I started studying Architecture in Delft at the Technical University, a combination of creativity and technology, but soon my life collapsed when my family fell apart and my quest of finding answers became more urgent than ever.

Travelling, working as a volunteer with orphan monkeys, studying Psychology, my preparation of the Conservatory for the flute, studying Pedagogy of Traditional Education and studying Physics, were giving me all sorts of answers, but not the ones I was looking for.

My search became a lonely one. During my journey I felt more and more disconnected with myself and the world. Life became a burden instead of a joyful experience. I lost my love, my family, my playful way of interacting with life, but my inner fire kept on burning. I wanted to make the world more colourful, loving, playful and creative.

Eventually, a woman named Maria Montessori changed my life. Studying her philosophy in early childhood education and her writing on scientific pedagogy, guided me in a way that is indescribable. Her perspective on life, the world and the children is really inspiring, but the real change came through the children. I rediscovered life in true sense again, through the eyes of the children. They gave me the answers I was looking for. They showed me that I knew it already, all that time. We are nature and it all comes from within. Life should be a natural process of development.

Studying the development of children and the education system worldwide, with a specialisation in the Montessori Approach, brought me back to myself. I went to Italy to study more about the Montessori Approach, with a beautiful focus on Cosmic Education. This was fundamental for me. I realised, we really need to learn to live in harmony with nature again and all that lives on this planet. We, as human beings, have the responsibility to care and to take care of nature. This requires a shift in our awareness and this change is inevitable, but how we experience it, is our choice.

So, I started a Montessori School in Italy with a group of Italian parents, to create a space where children can develop naturally at their own pace. It was a wonderful journey, but I only had a few pupils and I wanted to reach more people, in different ways. So, I made the challenging decision to do more with my creative source of energy and started this business. Let’s create more love, awareness, I said to myself. Let’s inspire and motivate everyone to embrace and integrate their unique expression of true harmonic love, a creative energy, our true nature. In this way, we can create a world together, where we live in harmony with Gaia, our home. I’m still creating this, by expressing my ideas through different art forms. Art that is of all times and with a universal meaning and purpose.

At the same time, the world is going through massive changes! Some are for the better, but others bring imbalance to nature and life on this planet, which require a collective solution. If we remain in the old belief system of competition, we stay in conflict with ourselves and with each other. We identify winners and losers, instead of seeing the potential beauty of all individuals and their unique creative contribution to the whole. Sharing a world, is only possible if we acknowledge oneness.

We are the creative source, even if we don’t feel like we are, we are connected. So, feel what resonates with you and stay in the flow of creation. We all share the legacy of life, to find our own unique expression of true love, to be in harmony.

So let’s Love, Play and Create Together, lovely Creatures of Gaia.

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