We are Spirit of Earth’s Magic

Wicked evil energy is in essence not evil, just sick and misunderstood. To heal the world from it, we need compassion for ourselves and others. A deep feeling and understanding of self. Let’s connect and be truly the essence of life, energy in motion. This is why I made Spirit of Earth’s Magic, because it’s time to realise what we are.


We are the guardians of Gaia.

Gaia is our home, a reflection of our spirit. Our home is within, which is reflected around us. We resonate our home. The illusion of a separated home, with forced boundaries, is a reflection of the fears we do not transcend. We can embrace our home as a collective by feeling the boundaries of true harmonic love, to respect the balance of giving and receiving. Your home is where your unique creative energy can flow optimal, because everything that exists in time (feelings) has somewhere an optimal vibration. We create our home.


One spirit flowing through all.

We are one family, one spirit within all life. Blood family is a concept, an illusion. Free yourself from this concept and live in harmony with all. You can feel a connection with everyone, depending on the familiarity of life. Be conscious of what you want to pass on to the next generations. Let’s be grateful for the gifts from all our ancestors.



Let’s connect to spirit and be the agents of liberation.

Spirit is pure consciousness, connection to all. It’s flowing through everything that expresses life. The absence of spirit is why there is so much pain in the world and why people are willing to inflict so much suffering on one another. It is magical to be alive at all, to have experiences, to have our senses, to be in love, to be born in our bodies. Once we reconnect with spirit, we realise that we are one family of consciousness. Let’s move forward as humanity into true harmonic love, because there is so much potential in all of us.



We have the freedom to choose, to be or not to be.

We are one energy field, playing with the experience of separated energies which we define with a body, name and a story. Pure consciousness is an endless information stream, with the freedom to tap in and out.


The moment you see the world in energy, you see truth.

Energy is everything, everytime and everywhere. We experience energy in different vibrations (mass) of time (light) and space (light). E = mc2. Energy has an infinite existence, with the potential to transform into anything, anytime and anywhere. Experience different vibrations in time and space, it will empower you to create.



Enrich your reality, the relationship with potential energy.

I, potential energy. We are a flow of energy, transforming and exchanging. To symbolise this energy, we as a civilisation created money. Your experience with money created your belief system about energy, reality. The value of money is because of this subjective. In life, you started a relationship with money, energy, unconsciously. The moment you become aware of this potential energy, you can transform your relationship with it. You become money conscious.



The moment we acknowledge the magic within ourselves, we have a choice.

You are born with magic. Our surroundings may create a spellbound of limitations, out of fear and the urge to protect, and little by little we forget about our magic. Everything is a vibration of a soul from the past. It seems like we are not realising that we have inherited a rich environment of millions of souls. Everything has the power to fill you with emotion and vision. The magic is vibrational. Your magic will return, when you feel the need for it. You can’t steal the magic of others, it will not work and destroy it. Focus on the magic within yourself. Feel your magic, your vibrations.



Discover the alchemy within yourself, a natural and unique process.

The Universe, Earth, our body is a mystery, but you can work with it. Alchemical interactions are different in appearance, but universal in essence. In the centre of it all, vital channels will transmit energy and form the system of Earth Magic. Be a healthy and vital channel for your creative and magical energy.

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