Putting my art out to transform the world Together, through a natural exchange of inspiration.

I started this business with so much idealism and passion, to inspire and motivate everyone to be present, because I see people are suffering. So, I want to give a meaningful vision, to release the world from all the fear. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when people are telling me to care less, to feel less responsibility and to think less of the world, but I do care, more and more, and especially in harder times. I can’t stop caring, I would die and my dream with me.

Life itself has value, if you care and give it meaning. I love life, my business, my work, my creations, my love to you, so deeply, I have to give it all. This is why I love my website so much, because it gives to all and it’s free for everyone who seeks it. I hope it inspires you, so you can feel the love. Isn’t that eventually what we all want in life, sharing love? I believe there is a wish for well-being and a wish for the Uitgevogeldt vibrations. So, let’s have a conversation and let’s have an inspiring one.

My living room is overflowing with paintings, so it’s better if they find another home to vibrate in. To me, my paintings are living and unique beings, with their own unique story. Some creations were such a huge birth to me, it really ripped everything out of me. So, how can I measure this in terms of money?

Can we even measure art, life, creation? What are the guidelines? What is the value of art and how much do we care about it? Such a personal journey, for everyone.

What do I know about sales or marketing? Nothing that is related to a book or a course, but I do know what energy is in essence and how to share my story with you. So, my approach is based on my own intuition, because I do believe in the power within and also in the practice of it all. It’s a feeling, a vibration, a gift. So, I gave the sales of Uitgevogeldt meaning in her own ways.

I love to do this in an Uitgevogeldt way, to be alive in my vision, a world in true harmonic love, a world of giving and receiving, a world where we care about each other and feel what is true in the moment. So, let’s make a connection and have a conversation.

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in one of the original paintings and we can have a natural exchange of inspiration.

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