Since my roots are in the Netherlands, I deliberately chose a Dutch company name. Uitgevogeldt consists of two elementary Dutch words: vogel and uit. The Dutch word vogel means bird, to connect with the bird’s-eye view, to see and receive clearly. The Dutch word uit means out, to go out of the ego and to connect with all potential energy of creation, the egg.

Uitgevogeldt symbolises the bird in the sky, 
accompanied by the egg, with its feet grounded.
A vibration between Gaia and the Universe.

Uitgevogeldt comes from the Dutch verb uitvogelen, which means to figure out. When you figured something out, you have it uitgevogeld. The Dutch word uitgevogeld is its past participle, so you have gained awareness and this is irreversible. You’ve seen it and understood it. The next challenge is to integrate it into your life. Here you will realise, there is always more to discover in detail. It is a continuous process of refinement. It is UITGEVOGELDT.

See my unique painting workshop if you want to figure something out together.