Universal Understanding

Let’s understand Gaia and what we are doing. Understanding starts with an open mind. From my perspective, the misunderstanding of love, the suppressed cultural beliefs about love, suppressing the will to love, creates all the suffering. That is why I started this quest of understanding true love. I came to a universal understanding of how different dimensions are related to each other and how we move with our awareness from one dimension to the other. Let’s free the will, life itself and understanding will come.


Adaptability is a beautiful skill, it can give any experience.

Human beings, the most adaptive creatures on this planet, have the rare ability to adjust to any environment. It’s almost like we are as flexible as an octopus, with the skills to enter and escape from a wide variety of spaces. Be aware, that if you use this skill continuously you can lose sight of your purpose in life. To guide us, human beings have a backbone. The backbone supports us. It makes people flexible to a certain degree and at the same time it provides a certain strength. This strength helps us to choose whether we want to be influenced by our surroundings or not.



Within the tears, a smile appears.

Moments in life, we all suffer, because we are out of balance. Life can be brutal, even hidden in the smallest of things. Suffering starts at a point in your life where you start to feel disconnected with yourself and your surroundings. This will bring distortions in the heart, mind and body. You might feel confused, tired, defeated. When you feel no connection with life anymore, you might feel nothing at all. We sometimes forget that life is complex and simple at the same time. The suffering will end at a point in your life where you decide to let go of the past. Be brave enough to connect again with yourself and your surroundings.

Letting Go

The Universe is creative, trust and feelings will guide you.

There will be moments you will not understand why life chooses a certain direction. Have faith that there is a plan and that everything is connected. To let go does not mean to just jump in the unknown without any preparation. Instead, take steps towards your goals and release yourself of any preconceptions about how to get there. The path will resonate with your inner self. Trust your inner guidance and enjoy the experience.



Gratitude brings a state of awareness, it resonates with your true self and the collective.

Some experiences are so intense, that it can be difficult to feel gratitude. If you see it all as an experience of growth, how painful and heartbreaking it may be, you can be grateful for the growth. In this way, you can transform these moments in your life and integrate them in your being. You can start by being grateful for the smallest of things. This can bring you in a state of awareness that connects you, instead of suffering from pain that disconnects you. This is the challenge of life. Gratitude will bring perspective, a high level of energy and consciousness. This can help and guide you in the hardest of times. We are all connected.



Your understanding of the Universe is created by the perspectives you are aware of.

We are all infinite energy, changing from one form to another, able to move from one perspective to another. Perspectives are different, but equivalent. This means that different perspectives are inter-related, even though this isn’t always clearly perceived. Becoming aware of these different perspectives, can empower you to find a balanced understanding of the Universe.



Time and space give us a lifecycle of rebirths.

All that is, can be observed by taking it down in the dimensions of time and space. This creates life experiences in segregated moments. In the moment, we sometimes lose connection with the observer. When we reconnect with the observer, we become aware again of what that experienced moment brings us. When you are totally present, every moment in life can be experienced as a rebirth. Becoming aware of this continuous process of endings and new beginnings, gives us the opportunity to continuously grow and expand awareness.


True Love

Feel, to reach a balance between giving and receiving to your inner and outer world.

True love is all about giving and receiving. It is holistic and brings a feeling of connection with yourself and the collective. On the other side of true love, there are false fears. Fears are all about taking and rejection. They give the illusion of segregation and bring feelings of being alone. A combination of giving and taking can create a balance. However, if you are looking for true love, this isn’t the balance you are looking for. Be aware of yourself, the people around you and the planet we are living on. Decide if you want to receive the responsibility that is given to you; to love, to play and to create.


Universal Understanding of Gaia

We originate from the Divine source, the Universe, the dark magical womb. The Divine is all. It’s all around us, within and beyond Gaia. All life, all creation, began in this darkness of nothingness. The Divine beyond Gaia is a mystery for a reason, because our purpose on this planet is to understand the Divine within Gaia, to master the power within.

The 0th dimension of Gaia is the unhatched potential. I, the egg.

The gateway to Gaia is the moment of conception. The egg is fertilised and grounded in the 1st dimension, I am. An idea is born. When you are totally present, life can be experienced as a sequence of births. Rebirth after rebirth.

The play of Gaia starts with the freedom of choice between love and fear. This is the challenge of our game, collectively here on Gaia. I choose. The moment you choose, you create a will. With the power of the will you can bring an idea into action. I do. The idea is expanding, creating space. When you enter space, feelings occur. This is the experience of life. I feel. The green magic of this planet.

Moment after moment you make the choice between love and fear, based upon your experiences of doing (space) and feeling (time). This is the expression of life. I express.

In my understanding, the 5th dimension is the greatest potential for transformation. All answers are in the circle of true love. It’s the expression of giving and receiving. This is significantly different from the circle of life, often confused with the concept of love, which expresses in giving and taking. True love will give you the bird’s-eye view and the universal understanding of Gaia. It’s the gateway to the 6th, 7th and 8th dimension and connects you with yourself and the collective.

In the circle of true love, fear can still cross your path. This is the moment you touch the baseline. To remain in true love, face this fear with love and it will dissolve. Not facing fear will create more of it and will be passed on. Fear will not serve you and will only disconnect you from the 6th, 7th and 8th dimension. It will make you blind and ignorant, which is an expression of taking and rejection. Remember that all forms of fear can be dissolved by transforming it into love.

When you choose to express true love, you choose to connect with the observer. The observer, free from time and free from space, being in spacetime, will bring truth – I see – and understanding – I know.

The moment you understand yourself, you understand the world. I know I am. You are aware of yourself and the collective. An infinite process, until a finite end.

Gaia is the playground to express the Divine’s true love in our unique way.
This is our collective purpose.



Now that all is ready, it’s time for you to be.

True sight is inspiration, the Divine flowing through you. This is a choice. To receive and give a clear vision, prepare the environment, be a healthy channel. Breathe, it’s in our nature and reconnect. Be in good vibrations, try to align and it will come towards you. It’s a state of mind. Anybody can learn it. Be self-confident and it will guide you in life.



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